Choices Are Endless

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Thank you and welcome! My name is Robyn Locke and I seek to share some recovery insights. Those I used during my own healing journey. The articles here provide various opportunities. You see, numerous surgeries led me to search for more. Yet, so much has grown and expanded since that time. So much has changed ...

My life, body, and website have totally transformed due to the teachings I energetically receive. Thus, in 2015, Advanced Energetics (AE) sprung into being. This precise moment is the most awesome time of my life. I cannot tell you what it means to receive ongoing and life-changing teachings from this group of enlightened beings. Their insights have significantly changed my world. They are known as the Elders and are Pure Consciousness, Infinite Awareness!

Come and visit our AE website when you have explored these web pages. Life seems much more inspiring and progressive advancements are definitely within reach.

Ask and it shall be given” holds special significance, as I know this statement to be unequivocally true. Since All Is Up To You went live in 2012, my beliefs and their associated understandings have grown in incredible ways.

I know these websites and understandings can positively impact your life too. If you have many fixed beliefs, simply release them. Consider starting anew. Don't ask the mind for direction, enlist new considerations when you begin from the heart space.

If you believe you stumbled onto this website - well, there are no accidents. Please know that your next step can be quite important. Everything is based on the way you see things…and the free will choices you elect to pursue. Quite literally, the perspective you hold is key.

I invite you to wander through these web pages. Then join our ongoing discussions at There you can read more about the Elders' insights ... those that have been lost over time.

Know, too, that life is all about intention. What are the intentions you hold for your future? Know that your world can be whatever you wish it to be.

After all, this life is what you believe it can be. You see ...