Choices Are Endless

you see



Thank you and welcome to this website. My name is Robyn and I started this project to share recovery insights I found in my own personal journey. Articles here provide details regarding health solutions I discovered after numerous surgeries and five months in the hospital.

Yet, much has changed over time and this website has also grown and transformed into another platform that I could not envision earlier called Advanced Energetics (AE). Right now, this moment is the most awesome time of my life. I cannot tell you what it means to receive teachings energetically from this group of enlightened beings known as The Elders. They are Pure Consciousness, Advanced Energy! AE is the portal where unbounded insights are currently shared through weekly blog posts. Two books have been written and are in the final phases of editing. The in-depth teachings imparted within their pages grow in scope, relevance and purpose as each day advances. I see things so clearly now through their insightful and loving words.

Both websites were started after I persistently asked for guidance. “Ask and it shall be given” holds special significance, as I know this statement to be unequivocally true. Since All Is Up To You went live in 2012, my beliefs and understandings have shifted in a most incredible and expansive way.

I hope these sites positively impact your life too, especially if you are dealing with the loss of some organs you didn’t know you could be without. My colon is gone. Part of it was surgically removed in 2006 and (what remained) in 2007. Also removed were parts of my small intestine and rectum. I had no idea you could live without all of this stuff. Wow, what a journey!

If you stumbled onto this website it’s no accident. Know your next step can be transformative in so many ways. Everything is based on the way you see things…the perspective you hold for your life. I hope to share how to put the most positive outlook into play, suggest foods to eat or not, and to share resources I found as I moved beyond my life-changing experience. I especially hope you are able to feel my genuine zest and joy for life as I offer you the hope I found. It can be yours. I hope to transform your life and even to shift the way you see things, as you pause now to consider looking again.

Please feel free to wander through this website, but know I’ve moved past these pages to seek advancements that are truly beyond what I myself could know without this Higher Source communicating and sharing them at this time.

Know, too, life is all about intention. What are the intentions you hold for your own life which is so very precious? Know your world can be wonderful even if you are missing some vital things you thought you couldn’t live without. Because life is the result of your choices - your perceptions - your reality - your mental box or spin.

Life is after all, what you make it. You see -